Diaries, letters, and field journals from the coast.

The Mystery of the 19th-Century Maine Marine Monster
Article - Short

Before cameras and submersibles were commonplace, scientists had to rely on fishermen for intel on ocean creatures.

How to Fund an Expedition
Article - Long

Charles Francis Hall had the courage to explore the Arctic—and the savvy to get the wealthy to pay for it.

In South Africa, Colonialism Was Written on Stone
Article - Short

An ocher painting of a ship from the early 18th century serves as a visual reminder of the clash between indigenous peoples and settlers.

The Japanese Art of Sharing News
Article - Short

A mélange of art, news, and propaganda, woodblock prints spread the word on everything from tsunamis to the latest fashion.

Attack of the Cartographic Land Octopus
Article - Short

Far from just a way to avoid getting lost, maps have also been used as a means of persuasion.

For the Information of Others
Article - Short

Consummate naturalist Ian McTaggart Cowan spent a lifetime documenting the biodiversity of British Columbia in detailed nature journals.

Consistently Lovely: the Exceptional Field Notes of Martin H. Moynihan
Article - Short

From gulls to squids to monkeys, a Panama-based biologist melds art and science in his highly detailed field books.

Drawing Connections
Article - Short

A traveling journal celebrates the art and science of shorebird conservation.

Manjirō Nakahama: From Castaway to Samurai
Article - Short

The first Japanese person to live in the United States, Manjirō’s incredible journeys are seafaring legend.

The Subterranean Cartographers
Article - Short

An intrepid team of scientists explores and maps the lava tubes of the Galapagos Islands.