In this column we republish seminal articles that helped us look at the world in a new way. While not necessarily the first time an idea or point of view found print, these articles helped shed new light on coastal science or societies. The text has not been altered from its original form.

An Ocean in the Parlor

Home aquariums were the newest fad in the natural history-crazed Victorian era. Philip Henry Gosse wrote about it in the Atlantic Monthly...

Storm Coast

The inner workings of coastal storms—a phenomenon both terrifying and mesmerizing—that batter western Canada.

The Way Back

Stuck in an archival deep freeze, a 45-year-old short film surfaces—a cross-border project to reintroduce sea otters to British Columbia.

The Ghosts of Cannery Row

Despite its picturesque beauty, Canada’s cannery row was straight out of the Industrial Revolution, with an added measure of racial segregation....

Salmon Trees

A researcher’s discovery that trees and animals depend on salmon as much as people do has far-reaching implications for British Columbia’s...

From Scales and Fins to Shiny Tins

Travel back in time to 1938, when canneries lined Canada’s west coast, salmon filled the bottom of boats, and housewives served canned salmon on...