North America

A Teen Whaler in the Age of Cyberbullies

Internet death threats hound a young Alaskan after a successful hunt.

Hunger’s Children

Fleeing the Irish Famine, some immigrants brought their islands with them to North America.

Polar Bears and People: Cataloging Conflict
Article - Short

A team of international researchers investigate interactions between the Arctic’s two main predators.

Money Might Not Be Enough to Stop the Lionfish Invasion
Article - Short

In Mexico, officials consider a tax on divers to help fight invasive lionfish.

Walking Trees Terrorize Marshes
Article - Short

The good news: mangroves in Florida are on the rise. The bad news: mangroves in Florida are on the rise.

Eau Canada

We have the longest coastline in the world and the best stories (sorry).

Watts in the Water

Our oceans contain enough energy to power the planet—if we could just get our hands on it.

People Don’t Care if Their Fish Is Sustainable
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Taste, price, and texture matter most to consumers when it comes to buying fish.

1,000 Kilometers from the Coast, Bears Gorge on Ocean Fish
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Salmon fuels British Columbia’s coastal ecosystems—but the fish’s power extends far inland.

Quiet Please, the Fish Are Flirting
Article - Short

Fish that fart together stay together.

Auditing the Blue Blood Bank

Horseshoe crabs have been saving our species—are we endangering theirs?

Chesapeake Bay’s Misguided War on the Ray
Article - Short

Science can go wrong—sometimes with deadly consequences.

In the Land of Lost Gardens

Tireless in her quest, ethnobotanist Nancy Turner works with indigenous elders to preserve plant knowledge dating back to the First People in the...

Refuge for the Ridgway’s Rail
Article - Short

Inventive island homes are helping this endangered bird keep its head above water.

Throwing Dead Fish for Fun and Ecological Profit

Chucking chum and coho carcasses into a salmon-spawning stream supports more than just an ecosystem.

Here Be White Bears

While dragons and other mythical beasts marked the charts of early mariners, Renaissance maps were illustrated with images—part fantasy and part...

When New York Harbor Is Your Classroom

An unusual New York City public high school where the school bus is a ferry, teachers are called crew, and some classes are held underwater is...

The Shellfish Gene

How shellfish farmers are leaning on genes to unmask the secrets of mussels, scallops, and oysters.

Land Food Versus Seafood
Article - Short

The omegas battle it out in our budgets and our bodies.

Canada’s New Marine (Less) Protected (Than It Could Have Been) Area
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A string of concessions to the oil and gas and fishing industries has severely weakened the protective value of Canada’s largest planned marine...