North America

Can the United States Afford Another Hurricane?
Article - Short

Repeated storms are stretching the public and private sectors thin.

Avoiding Extinction

Giving Mexico’s rarest porpoise, the vaquita, a fighting chance in the face of poverty, corruption, and greed.

Starving Killer Whales Are Losing Most of Their Babies
Article - Short

A nearly 70 percent miscarriage rate is threatening the future of the southern resident killer whale.

Sand? Mine!

Our insatiable need for concrete has led to destructive mining around the world. How can we do it better?

A Panic Room for Corals
Article - Short

After Hurricane Irma, and with Jose and Katia bearing down, the need for a coral vault seems even more urgent.

Saving Canada’s Wild Salmon Policy
Article - Short

Canada already has a forward-thinking salmon management plan on the books. Now it just needs to implement it.

One Man’s Junk

For 40 years, John has been collecting our garbage off the beach. Here’s where you can visit it.

Bloom and Bust
Article - Short

Algal blooms hit the housing market.

Guardians of the Coast

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but British Columbia’s coastal First Nations are joining forces to safeguard the coast.

The Great Salmon Escape: Is There a Better Way to Farm Fish?
Article - Short

We’ve just seen how open-net fish farms can go wrong. It’s time to look at the alternatives.

Wildlife Rescue in Harvey’s Wake
Article - Short

A Texas wildlife rehabilitation center prepares for a rush of patients.

Proposed Amendment Could Actually Protect Marine Protected Areas
Article - Short

New legislation would give planned MPAs interim protection during the years-long approval process.

Scaling Back the Mississippi Delta
Article - Short

An invasive insect is chewing through the cane that holds the delta together.

California: the State of Salmon
Article - Short

Even if the levees are torn down, chinook restoration faces walls.

Spineless Beauty
Photo Essay

These tiny marine creatures are enormously photogenic.

The Foragin’ of Species
Article - Short

An unprecedented three-week scavenger hunt sets a baseline for marine biodiversity.

Dolphins Master Decapitation
Article - Short

In the Gulf of Mexico, dolphins have learned a deadly new trick.

Lakes Are Being A-Salted
Article - Short

Yet another slow-motion environmental catastrophe.

Counting Fish by Their Calls
Article - Short

Fish are noisy, and researchers are putting those sounds to work.

Hypothesis Confirmed: Sea Lion Mass Deaths Caused by Malnutrition
Article - Short

The warm water Blob hurt a generation of sea lions.