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Tourists navigate the Sri Lankan mangrove forest in Aluthgama. Photo by M.A.PUSHPA KUMARA/epa/Corbis
Tourists navigate the Sri Lankan mangrove forest in Aluthgama. Photo by M.A.PUSHPA KUMARA/epa/Corbis

Stories from the Seven Seas

A weekend reader of coastal proportions.

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by Colin Schultz

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Hakai Magazine is all about the coast, but other outlets sometimes share our fascination. Every week on Strand we round up our favorite coastal stories from around the web.

My dad tried to kill me with an alligator

by Harrison Scott Key for Outside

“Bird possessed the two key components to being a true adolescent badass: a driver’s license and a mullet. He’d also been shot in the eye with a pellet rifle, which split his pupil in half and made him squint, which made him look like a pirate.

It might be dangerous, going to the river with Bird, but it also felt like a badass thing to do.”

Malaysia Airlines MH370: search for missing aircraft uncovers shipwreck in Indian Ocean

by Nicky Phillips for The Sydney Morning Herald

“Images taken by an automated underwater vehicle and analysed this week reveal several man made objects including an anchor, and a box-shaped object about six metres long. Black rocks scattered across the seabed are thought to be coal.”

On board one of the world’s largest container ships

by Stephen Smith for BBC Newsnight

“The CMA CGM Kerguelen is the third largest container ship in the world and Stephen Smith went aboard to take a look for Newsnight.”

Recharge pools could help quench future California droughts

by Hal Hodson for New Scientist

“The traditional method of storage is to create a reservoir by damming a river. But dam-building is expensive, can be environmentally damaging, and most of the good spots are already in use. An alternative is to push water underground using recharge ponds or injection wells. Recharge ponds are constructed surface basins that allow water to collect and seep through the soil; injection wells use high-pressure pumps to actively push water down into aquifers.”

Greenpeace ordered to keep drones away from Arctic drill ships

by the Associated Press

“Shell Offshore Inc. sued on April 7, one day after six Greenpeace protesters boarded the Blue Marlin, a heavy-lift ship carrying a Transocean Ltd. semi-submersible drilling unit, the Polar Pioneer, as it crossed the Pacific.

The injunction establishes buffer zones from 300 feet to about 5,000 feet for all of Shell’s Chukchi Sea fleet, anchor lines and buoys attached to ships.”

Sri Lanka to become the first nation in the world to protect all its mangroves

by Lewis Smith for The Guardian

“In an initiative designed to prevent any more being cut down in Sri Lanka and to boost some of the poorest communities in the world, women will be offered small loans and training to start businesses.

In return for the microloans, 15,000 women – including thousands of widows from the civil war – will be expected to stop using the trees for firewood and to guard the forests near their homes.”