Atlantic Ocean

Beauty in Blackwater
Photo Essay

While most photographers are tucked in bed, this sharpshooter dons dive gear and searches for his subjects at the ocean’s surface, in the black of...

The Science of Dolphonology
Article - Short

Dolphins that hunt alongside humans have a different way of communicating.

The Scientist Who Reads a Lost History in the Mud

Hard working and tough as nails, Grace Brush did what others couldn’t—she teased out the mystery of the Chesapeake Bay.

Eau de Toilette
Article - Short

Coastal cities struggle with poopy shorelines, mostly from their own citizens. 

Poverty, Poaching, and Death by Great White Shark
Article - Short

South African abalone poachers are dying as they fuel illegal trade.

Pollution and the Rise of the Orange Marsh Zombies
Article - Short

Why New England’s amphipods are turning into the scuttling undead.

A Hard Shore Is a Dead Shore
Article - Short

How anti-erosion measures hurt fish—and living shorelines may help.

What Went Wrong With the Right Whales?
Article - Short

Necropsies reveal how six of the 12 North Atlantic right whales that died in Canadian waters this summer met their end.

Protectors of the Penguins

Meet the people who stand between the world’s last wild populations of African penguins and extinction.

A Gin Tonic for Scots on the Rocks
Article - Short

In Scotland’s remote Outer Hebrides, a distillery is making kelp-infused gin—and slowing the tide of migration from one swiftly depopulating...

Can the United States Afford Another Hurricane?
Article - Short

Repeated storms are stretching the public and private sectors thin.

The Plan to Clone an Extinct Horse
Article - Short

One woman hopes technology can resurrect the Abaco Island breed.

A Panic Room for Corals
Article - Short

After Hurricane Irma, and with Jose and Katia bearing down, the need for a coral vault seems even more urgent.

Twisted Fishter
Article - Short

Mud eels do an evolutionary about face.

Bloom and Bust
Article - Short

Algal blooms hit the housing market.

Wildlife Rescue in Harvey’s Wake
Article - Short

A Texas wildlife rehabilitation center prepares for a rush of patients.

Scaling Back the Mississippi Delta
Article - Short

An invasive insect is chewing through the cane that holds the delta together.

Dolphins Master Decapitation
Article - Short

In the Gulf of Mexico, dolphins have learned a deadly new trick.

Invasive Lionfish May Be Superfish Hybrids
Article - Short

The fish taking over the Caribbean is a hybrid of two Indo-Pacific lionfish species.

Blasting Through the Hunley Mystery

A maverick scientist claims she has done what scores of researchers before her failed to do: solve the century-old mystery of why a legendary...