Pacific Ocean

The Shellfish Gene

How shellfish farmers are leaning on genes to unmask the secrets of mussels, scallops, and oysters.

The Fish that Smells like Money
Article - Short

A tiny anchovy could be a silver bullet for malnutrition in Peru—if only we would let it.

Drawing Meaning from Death, One Seabird at a Time

In the Pacific Northwest, the diligence of citizen scientists is shedding light on the lives, and deaths, of seabirds.

Detoxing the Ocean
Article - Short

New technology could pull toxic metals out of contaminated water.

California’s Surf Spots Are Heading for a Wipeout
Article - Short

Rising sea level is transforming the coastline and causing iconic beaches to disappear.

Cambodia’s Dirty Business
Article - Short

Three activists are living in exile following a campaign to expose Cambodia’s sand mining industry.

Here Be Tiny Dragons (and Other Micro Beasts)

Researchers reveal the microscopic life in between the grains of sediment.

The Lingering Legacy of the Nathan E. Stewart
Article - Short

It’s been six months since the tug ran aground on the British Columbia coast, but local First Nations are still living with the repercussions.

Listen to How Loud the Sea Is

Our interactive sound map explores the busy marine soundscape, from kayaks to cruise ships. 

Biology Versus Bones: the Case of the Cape Flattery Fur Seal
Article - Short

The fishing rights of Olympic Peninsula tribes hinge on solving the identity of Cape Flattery’s fur seals. 

The Wrong Whale In All The Right Ways
Article - Short

New research reveals how the North Pacific’s wrong whale escaped exploitation during whaling’s heyday.

Have Scientists Been Overestimating our Toll on Reef Sharks?
Article - Short

New research suggests we’ve hurt reef shark populations much less than previously assumed.

For Sale: Wild Russian Killer Whales

As Westerners condemn live whale shows, Russia hunts and sells killer whales to Chinese amusement parks.

Cannabis Chronnoisseurs Are Tapping the Budding Fish-Friendly Pot Business
Article - Short

No longer forced to operate in the shadows, marijuana growers are learning to make their farming friendlier for fish. 

Book Review: Iep Jāltok
Article - Short

A poetry collection explores the stories of the Marshallese people and the fallout of the US military’s nuclear testing on the islands.

Validating Tall Tales of Rogue Waves
Article - Short

Analyzing more than two million waves gives researchers a better idea of how rogue waves are born.

From Vilified to Vindicated: the Story of Jacques Cinq-Mars

How a toxic debate over the first Americans hobbled science for decades.

Is China’s Hands-Off Approach to Fisheries Producing More Fish?
Article - Short

China’s fishers indiscriminately target predators as well as prey, putting different pressures on the ecosystem.

Proposed Policies Could Make America Overfished Again
Article - Short

A new “fish bill” could weaken regulations that have helped fisheries recover across the United States.

Saving the Silverspot

A team of scientists and land managers is racing to save a butterfly that depends on fragile coastal habitat.