Alastair Bland

Alastair Bland is a freelance journalist in San Francisco, California. He writes about water, fisheries, agriculture, and the environment, and his work appears regularly at,, and Water Deeply. When he isn't at his desk he is likely snorkeling in the ocean or riding a bicycle uphill.


Alastair's Contributions

California: the State of Salmon

Even if the levees are torn down, chinook restoration faces walls.

Hypothesis Confirmed: Sea Lion Mass Deaths Caused by Malnutrition

The warm water Blob hurt a generation of sea lions.

Northern California’s Farmers Want to Drop the Bass

Chinook salmon and striped bass are the focus of a proxy war over California water rights.   

Practicing the Ancient Art of Cast Netting in San Francisco Bay

The recreational herring fishery is growing—and it’s beginning to catch regulators’ attention.

Feeding the World, One Fish Head at a Time

Entrepreneurs and governments are trying to make use of the whole fish.

Ruled Out

West coast US small-boat fishermen are struggling to stay afloat.