Alexander Deedy

Alexander Deedy is a Hawai‘i-based freelance writer who has degrees in wildlife biology and journalism from the University of Montana. His writing has been published in the Helena Independent Record, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s Bugle magazine, and the Montana Journalism Review.


Alexander's Contributions

The Science of Dolphonology

Dolphins that hunt alongside humans have a different way of communicating.

Hark! A Sea Monster! (Oh, No, Just a Dying Whale)

All those strange sea monster sightings in days of yore? This may be the best explanation yet.

Banned From Some Indonesian Waters, Shark Fishers Simply Move Elsewhere

Without a clear path to alternate sources of income, shark fishers are displaced, not dissuaded.

Hitching a Ride on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Fish may be rafting to Hawaii on plastic debris.