Heather Pringle

Contributing Editor
Heather Pringle

Heather Pringle specializes in writing about archaeology. She’s a contributing editor at Hakai Magazine and has written four books, including The Mummy Congress. She lives a 10-minute walk from the ocean and frequently walks along the water with her husband and their two Labrador retrievers. She has won both a National Magazine Award in Canada and a Science Journalism Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science. 

Heather's Contributions

Saving the Ocean One Outfit at a Time

The sea suffers for fashion. Kombucha leather and leased jeans to the rescue.

Homo Sapiens Just Got Older—Way, Way Older

Bones found in Morocco place our lineage 100,000 years earlier and nowhere near where we thought.

In the Land of Lost Gardens

Tireless in her quest, ethnobotanist Nancy Turner works with indigenous elders to preserve plant knowledge dating back to the First People in the...

From Vilified to Vindicated: the Story of Jacques Cinq-Mars

How a toxic debate over the first Americans hobbled science for decades.

A Sunken Bridge the Size of a Continent

A remote Arctic land may hold a vital missing chapter from human history. The only problem? It disappeared at the end of the last ice age.

The Little Man Who Soared

On Haida Gwaii, indigenous artists carved portraits of the strange newcomers who landed on their shores.

How Ancient Rome’s 1% Hijacked the Beach

The rich, the poor, and the battle for the Bay of Naples.

The Feather Cloak of Captain Cook

When Captain Cook and his crew landed on Hawaii to restock their provisions, the island’s high chief gave the cloak off his back to the British...

A Parka and a Fashionista

Designers for the Paris runways have nothing on the seamstresses of the Bering Sea’s St. Lawrence Island.

A Little Game of Thrones

There are no dragons, but fierce kings and anxious queens are depicted in these rare medieval chess pieces uncovered on the Isle of Lewis.

Time Travelers

Could these be the oldest human footprints in North America? 

The Girl with the Shimmering Eyes

A mysterious 19th-century Haida carver breaks artistic ground and creates a rare, and stunning, portrait.

The Brine Revolution

Did lowly shellfish change the world?

The Ghosts of Cannery Row

Despite its picturesque beauty, Canada’s cannery row was straight out of the Industrial Revolution, with an added measure of racial segregation....

True Blue

Far from its origins, a new pigment appeared on an Alaskan island and made an artistic splash.