Meigan Henry

Video Editor/Producer

Meig’s path to Hakai Magazine has been a meandering one, with brief detours through academia (prehistoric archaeology), the Grand Canyon National Park (one-on-one science and history storytelling), and the National Geographic Society and Smithsonian Enterprises (broadcast and online science media production). She’s thrilled to live and work in a place where a sea breeze is in the air and scientists are around every corner.

Meigan's Contributions

Nostalgia and Peace on the Ocean

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s short stretch of seaside refuge has outsized value.

Auditing the Blue Blood Bank

Horseshoe crabs have been saving our species—are we endangering theirs?

Here Be Tiny Dragons (and Other Micro Beasts)

Researchers reveal the microscopic life in between the grains of sediment.

A Wall Worth Building: Making Clam Habitat Great Again

On the Pacific Northwest coast, indigenous groups are reinvigorating the ancient practice of clam gardening.

Forget Fiberglass, This Surfing Champion Rides Reeds

An ancient Peruvian tradition of building and paddling reed boats is kept alive by a small group of fishermen, including Juninho Urcia, a...

The 6,000-Year-Old Village

Traditional knowledge meets Western science on the central coast of British Columbia. 

The Killer Kiss of Kohn’s Snails

Venomous cone snails may be slow, but they’re deadly.