Steve De Neef

Steve De Neef is a photojournalist based in Maine who specializes in conservation, documentary, and underwater photography. De Neef is very passionate about covering environmental issues and about stories that link science to a broader audience. He’s the chief photographer of the Large Marine Vertebrate Project in the Philippines and a member of the prestigious Ocean Artists Society.

Steve's Contributions

Auditing the Blue Blood Bank

Horseshoe crabs have been saving our species—are we endangering theirs?

Solidarity and the Art of Sustainable Lobster Fishing

In Punta Allen, Mexico, a lobster fishing cooperative supports the community and the environment.

Noise in a Modern Ocean

The incessant noise in today’s oceans creates an acoustic smog that challenges animals’ survival.

The Cook, the Hunter, the Whales & their Watchers

Whale watchers and whale hunters intermingle in the waters off Reykjavík, Iceland. Can they coexist?

Expedition Shark: Philippines

Plunge into the waters of the Sulu Sea with scientists in pursuit of the largest fish in the ocean, the whale shark.