Zach Zorich

Zach Zorich started his professional life as an archaeologist working on prehistoric sites in the northeastern United States, Portugal, France, England, and Ukraine. He has been a reporter/researcher at Discover magazine and a senior editor at Archaeology magazine. Now, he is a Colorado-based freelance journalist and contributing editor at Archaeology. His work has recently appeared in Scientific American, Popular Science, Science, and New

Zach's Contributions

Shellfish Diplomacy

By trading shellfish for water rights, two ancient Peruvian cultures seem to have avoided war.

Reimagining the History of Human Migration With a 65,000-Year-Old Find

An ax and some sparkly paint could change the ancient human travelogue.

Uncovering the Culture of Bronze Age Logboats

The advent of metal tools created demand for a European trade network—and boats to deliver the goods.

Finding Utica’s Hidden Harbor

Archaeologists are honing in on the ancient Phoenician city’s long lost harbor.

Ancient Vikings Settled Greenland for the Ivory

New archaeological research hints at a new reason for Vikings’ Greenland occupation.

The Fisher Kings

Along southern Florida’s coast, the ancient Calusa constructed an entire island of shell and defied the Spanish Conquest.