California: the State of Salmon
Article - Short

Even if the levees are torn down, chinook restoration faces walls.

Spineless Beauty
Photo Essay

These tiny marine creatures are enormously photogenic.

The Foragin’ of Species
Article - Short

An unprecedented three-week scavenger hunt sets a baseline for marine biodiversity.

Dolphins Master Decapitation
Article - Short

In the Gulf of Mexico, dolphins have learned a deadly new trick.

Invasive Lionfish May Be Superfish Hybrids
Article - Short

The fish taking over the Caribbean is a hybrid of two Indo-Pacific lionfish species.

The Power of Compassion

Why humpback whales rescue seals and why volunteering for beach cleanups improves your health.

Out of the Frying Pan, into the Wetlands
Article - Short

Lucky horseshoe crabs get moved away from areas where they’re on the menu.

Breaking. Bad?
Article - Short

New research shows there’s life in the wake of Antarctica’s crack epidemic.

Lakes Are Being A-Salted
Article - Short

Yet another slow-motion environmental catastrophe.

Peeping in on the Mile Deep Club

Braving an Antarctic winter to catch Chilean sea bass in the act.

Ocean Racket Makes for Rascally Wrasses
Article - Short

Motorboat noise spurs rise in fish-on-fish crime.

Counting Fish by Their Calls
Article - Short

Fish are noisy, and researchers are putting those sounds to work.

Hypothesis Confirmed: Sea Lion Mass Deaths Caused by Malnutrition
Article - Short

The warm water Blob hurt a generation of sea lions.

Why Don’t Whales Get Out of the Way?
Article - Short

Ships are huge and loud, yet they seem to take whales by surprise.

Green Crabs Are Officially Delicious
Article - Short

Commodifying a harmful invader with technology typically used to pulverize chicken meat.

Mexican Fishing Bats

In the Sea of Cortez, researchers delve into the mystery of a bat that makes its living at sea.

Eat, Love, Pay
Article - Short

Hilsa are small fish with a huge fan base, and people will pay to protect them. 

A Healthy Ocean Needs Viruses
Article - Short

And the more we learn about them, the weirder they get.

Last Dune Standing
Article - Short

A growing population and rampant development hits Israel’s coast hard.

Money Might Not Be Enough to Stop the Lionfish Invasion
Article - Short

In Mexico, officials consider a tax on divers to help fight invasive lionfish.