1,000 Kilometers from the Coast, Bears Gorge on Ocean Fish
Article - Short

Salmon fuels British Columbia’s coastal ecosystems—but the fish’s power extends far inland.

Quiet Please, the Fish Are Flirting
Article - Short

Fish that fart together stay together.

Auditing the Blue Blood Bank

Horseshoe crabs have been saving our species—are we endangering theirs?

Corals Keep a Record of Ocean Pollution
Article - Short

Changes in nitrogen runoff are reflected in coral reef growth.

Chesapeake Bay’s Misguided War on the Ray
Article - Short

Science can go wrong—sometimes with deadly consequences.

The Lunar Sea

The moon influences life in a surprising and subtle way: with its light.

Lights Out for Hawai‘i’s Seabirds
Article - Short

Scientists hope lasers can save endangered seabirds from power line collisions.

Refuge for the Ridgway’s Rail
Article - Short

Inventive island homes are helping this endangered bird keep its head above water.

Here Be White Bears

While dragons and other mythical beasts marked the charts of early mariners, Renaissance maps were illustrated with images—part fantasy and part...

When New York Harbor Is Your Classroom

An unusual New York City public high school where the school bus is a ferry, teachers are called crew, and some classes are held underwater is...

Seafood Is Getting Less Nutritious
Article - Short

Ocean warming and acidification are hurting the nutritional value—and the taste—of some seafood.

The Shellfish Gene

How shellfish farmers are leaning on genes to unmask the secrets of mussels, scallops, and oysters.

Reef Avengers

Indonesia’s reefs have been poisoned or blasted to smithereens by the very people who depend on them the most. Now islanders are working to...

Tiny Zombie Worms Are the Beavers of the Deep
Article - Short

These deep-sea worms carve habitats out of whale bone.

Great White Sharks Are Being Killed and Eaten by Killer Whales
Article - Short

Three great whites are dead—their livers consumed—as serial killer whales rampage in South Africa.

Brazil Gets Lit
Article - Short

Artificial lighting is spreading across the country, with unknown effects on its wildlife.

Drawing Meaning from Death, One Seabird at a Time

In the Pacific Northwest, the diligence of citizen scientists is shedding light on the lives, and deaths, of seabirds.

Toxicant-Triggered Anxiety
Article - Short

Juvenile fish exposed to a common environmental toxicant show signs of anxiety.

Life Interstitial

What does it take to live between the grains of sand?

Detoxing the Ocean
Article - Short

New technology could pull toxic metals out of contaminated water.