Validating Tall Tales of Rogue Waves
Article - Short

Analyzing more than two million waves gives researchers a better idea of how rogue waves are born.

Global Warming Is Changing How the Ocean Carries Sound
Article - Short

Scientists are using an underwater drone to study a mysterious new sound channel in the Beaufort Sea.

Greenland Ice Melt Could Push Atlantic Circulation to Collapse
Article - Short

New research gives a glimpse of the potential long-term consequences of anthropogenic warming.

The Dark Side of Lighthouses
Article - Short

Mouthfuls of molten lead, wild weather, and insanity: the occupational hazards of an early lighthouse keeper.

Five Ways to Float Your Boat
Article - Short

Big ships are built on land. Here are five ways to get them in the water.

Making Monster Waves in the Lab
Article - Short

Rogue waves are rare in nature, but new research is making them perfectly common.

Noise in a Modern Ocean

The incessant noise in today’s oceans creates an acoustic smog that challenges animals’ survival.

Stories from the Seven Seas
Article - Short

Coastal stories that washed up on our shore.