Life Interstitial

What does it take to live between the grains of sand?

Shaving Manatees—for Science!
Article - Short

Manatees can sense the world around them using nothing more than body hair.

In a Fish-Eat-Fish World, Cannibalism Is Surprisingly Rare
Article - Short

A new study of cannibalism in fishes shows the behavior is much less prevalent than scientists once thought.

Here Be Tiny Dragons (and Other Micro Beasts)

Researchers reveal the microscopic life in between the grains of sediment.

Seismic Surveys Force Fish to Flee
Article - Short

New research reveals that reef fish hide from the sharp sounds of seismic airguns.

Biology Versus Bones: the Case of the Cape Flattery Fur Seal
Article - Short

The fishing rights of Olympic Peninsula tribes hinge on solving the identity of Cape Flattery’s fur seals. 

Nice Egg, but What’s the Point?
Article - Short

Scientists have a new explanation for why guillemots lay such pointy eggs.

Rich Dolphin, Poor Dolphin, Beggar Dolphin, Thief
Article - Short

Human activity turns dolphins into beggars and thieves. What does that mean for their social lives?

All You Can Eat Wings
Article - Short

Seabirds are the unintended victims of hungry humpback whales.

The Little Shop of Wildlife Horrors
Article - Long

The grim curios and taxidermic creations housed in the US wildlife repository provide clues about trends in wildlife smuggling. And in recent...

The Fish That Hunts with Flashlights Embedded in Its Face
Article - Short

Unlike creatures that use bioluminescence as camouflage, lures, or communication, the flashlight fish uses its headlamps for illumination.

Tracking the Scars of Dolphin-Shark Battles
Article - Short

It’s almost impossible to witness skirmishes between dolphins and sharks, so researchers look to their battle scars for clues.

Cuttlefish Brawl

Bif! Blam! Whack! Boom! When giant Australian cuttlefish convene to mate, males usually rely on visual displays to intimidate one another—but...

Book Review: Ice Bear
Article - Short

A richly illustrated book explores the cultural history of the Arctic’s iconic symbol: the polar bear. 

One Ocean, Many Killer Whale Cultures
Article - Short

Iceland’s killer whale society is more fluid than that of their northeast Pacific peers.

The Bounty of the Bone Pile
Article - Long

Butchered whales lure polar bears and tourists to a coastal Alaskan town. So far, so good. Sort of.

Saving the Silverspot
Article - Long

A team of scientists and land managers is racing to save a butterfly that depends on fragile coastal habitat.

Pinch Me
Article - Long

In a Washington State lake, two of the most globally invasive crayfish species are duking it out. Should we step in?

Caller ID for Dolphins
Article - Short

Researchers have developed an algorithm that identifies species by their calls and could help make population estimates.

For Sharks, Even Catch and Release Can Kill
Article - Short

Conservation-minded fishermen are doing more damage than they intend.