Spineless Beauty
Photo Essay

These tiny marine creatures are enormously photogenic.

The Foragin’ of Species
Article - Short

An unprecedented three-week scavenger hunt sets a baseline for marine biodiversity.

Dolphins Master Decapitation
Article - Short

In the Gulf of Mexico, dolphins have learned a deadly new trick.

Invasive Lionfish May Be Superfish Hybrids
Article - Short

The fish taking over the Caribbean is a hybrid of two Indo-Pacific lionfish species.

The Power of Compassion

Why humpback whales rescue seals and why volunteering for beach cleanups improves your health.

Peeping in on the Mile Deep Club

Braving an Antarctic winter to catch Chilean sea bass in the act.

Ocean Racket Makes for Rascally Wrasses
Article - Short

Motorboat noise spurs rise in fish-on-fish crime.

Hypothesis Confirmed: Sea Lion Mass Deaths Caused by Malnutrition
Article - Short

The warm water Blob hurt a generation of sea lions.

Mexican Fishing Bats

In the Sea of Cortez, researchers delve into the mystery of a bat that makes its living at sea.

This Cuttlefish’s Secret Trick: Pretending to Be a Crab
Article - Short

Cephalopods really are the masters of misdirection.

Auditing the Blue Blood Bank

Horseshoe crabs have been saving our species—are we endangering theirs?

The Lunar Sea

The moon influences life in a surprising and subtle way: with its light.

When New York Harbor Is Your Classroom

An unusual New York City public high school where the school bus is a ferry, teachers are called crew, and some classes are held underwater is...

Tiny Zombie Worms Are the Beavers of the Deep
Article - Short

These deep-sea worms carve habitats out of whale bone.

How To Fix a Jellyfish Sting
Article - Short

Pack tweezers and vinegar in your beach bag—and forget what you’ve heard about the pee cure.

Drawing Meaning from Death, One Seabird at a Time

In the Pacific Northwest, the diligence of citizen scientists is shedding light on the lives, and deaths, of seabirds.

Toxicant-Triggered Anxiety
Article - Short

Juvenile fish exposed to a common environmental toxicant show signs of anxiety.

Life Interstitial

What does it take to live between the grains of sand?

Shaving Manatees—for Science!
Article - Short

Manatees can sense the world around them using nothing more than body hair.

In a Fish-Eat-Fish World, Cannibalism Is Surprisingly Rare
Article - Short

A new study of cannibalism in fishes shows the behavior is much less prevalent than scientists once thought.