Ten Best of 2015

To close out 2015, we present to you Hakai Magazine’s best stories of the year. The articles, selected by staff and presented in chronological order, span from the magazine’s launch on April 22 to the end of 2015. “Best” is subjective, of course, and there are many amazing stories in our archive, but these 10 should not be missed. So grab your peppermint latte or rum and eggnog, sit back, and enjoy.


Land Divided, Coast United

In Gaza and Israel, on the Mediterranean coast, a perennial optimist and an environmental organization work to overcome a border for the sake of...


Bandits on the Beach

What island raccoons tell us about fear. 


The Brine Revolution

Did lowly shellfish change the world?

Article - Short

Five Islands We Are Really Sick Of

An island stay sounds dreamy, but the reality of these five quarantine islands was often a nightmare.


What I Wish My Father Had Taught Me About Fishing

Or how modern sport fishing threatens a timeless tradition.


The Great Quake and the Great Drowning

Mega-quakes have periodically rocked North America’s Pacific Northwest. Indigenous people told terrifying stories about the devastation but...


Whales Through a New Lens

Forty years ago, the world’s whale researchers met in Indiana. The now legendary, but nearly forgotten, meeting changed the way scientists and the...


The Cook, the Hunter, the Whales & their Watchers

Whale watchers and whale hunters intermingle in the waters off Reykjavík, Iceland. Can they coexist?


Landlocked Islanders

Can Marshall Islanders whose lives are tied to the sea maintain their culture in Oklahoma?


The Unique Language of Newfoundland

Isolated in the North Atlantic, the people of Newfoundland and Labrador developed a subtle and beautiful lexicon to describe their...