The Little Shop of Wildlife Horrors

The grim curios and taxidermic creations housed in the US wildlife repository provide clues about trends in wildlife smuggling. And in recent...

Hawai‘i Is Being Overrun by Invasive Cannibals
Article - Short

Hawai‘i’s invasive species are scavenging each other’s corpses, sustaining their takeover of the islands.

Nuclear Neighbors

How does a coastal nuclear plant affect the sea life and communities that surround it?

The Secret Lives of Coastal Frogs
Article - Short

Amphibians may have more ability to handle saltwater than anyone suspected.

Intermittent Streams: Nature’s Vanishing Act

Around the world, creeks, rivers, and streams that flow sporadically are common, and these temporary waterways—wet or dry—are fundamental to...

Stories from the Seven Seas
Article - Short

Coastal stories that washed up on our shore.