Marine Mammals

Caller ID for Dolphins
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Researchers have developed an algorithm that identifies species by their calls and could help make population estimates.

Hark! A Sea Monster! (Oh, No, Just a Dying Whale)
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All those strange sea monster sightings in days of yore? This may be the best explanation yet.

Why Whales Leap Into the Air
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After hundreds of hours of observations, we now know it’s true: breaching humpback whales are yelling.

What Happens When an Endangered Whale Pod Loses its Wise Old Grandma?
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With the death of Granny, the matriarch of the northeast Pacific’s southern resident killer whales, a century’s worth of knowledge and leadership...

Competition Pressured Killer Whales into Menopause
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Selfish daughters, not altruistic grandmothers, could explain the evolution of menopause.

Protecting Blue Whales by Predicting Where They’ll Be
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Researchers are using historical tracking data and environmental modeling to calculate where blue whales will congregate.

How High Schoolers’ Hacks Fixed a Whale Snot-Collecting Drone
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SnotBot got a boost from teen roboticists. 

Scientists Confirm: “the Blob” Really Messed Up the Northeast Pacific
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The Pacific warm water “Blob” contributed to a record toxic algae bloom.

Five Fishy Cases of Seafood Fraud
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Fancy some fake caviar, imaginary fish, and sushi made from an endangered species?

Pilot Whales Join the Babysitters’ Club
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Off the coast of Nova Scotia, pilot whales look out for each other.

New Research Offers a Wider View on Indigenous North American Whaling
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Additional early North American societies may have been whale hunters, not just scavengers. 

What’s the True Scientific Value of Scientific Whaling?
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A new study shows that countries that participate in lethal scientific whaling do not produce superior scientific research. 

The Collateral Damage of Yankee Whaling

New research shows that 100,000 dead whales were just the tip of the iceberg. 

Book Review: The Killer Whale Who Changed the World
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Author Mark Leiren-Young traces the killer whale’s trajectory from reviled to revered.

A Different Kind of Oral History
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Marine mammals have a surprising prevalence of dental disease.

Why Running Cold Lets Some Creatures Grow Old
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Geneticists are discovering an intriguing connection between cold bodies and extraordinary longevity. 

Scientists Discover a Mouth-Breathing Dolphin
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Here’s why that’s really, really weird.

Welcome to the Arctic, Fish
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As the climate changes, the Arctic Ocean beckons Pacific salmon and other species. How will we fish responsibly?

Art and Accounting in the Age of Whaling
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Hand-carved stamps helped whalers keep track of their catches and assess the success of their voyages.

Killer Whales Are Bullies, and Humpbacks Are Bouncers
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Humpback whales seem to protect other species from killer whale attacks.