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New Research Assuages Some Worries About Mosquito Net Fishing
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Fishing with mosquito nets is widespread, but potentially less destructive than thought. 

Swimming with Tuna

A controversial plan for a tourist attraction sparks questions about South Australia’s celebrated tuna ranching industry.

A Burning Problem For Mangroves

In Madagascar’s Bay of Assassins, villagers balance mangrove use and conservation. How much longer can they do it?

The Collateral Damage of Yankee Whaling

New research shows that 100,000 dead whales were just the tip of the iceberg. 

Keeping Track of Deep-Sea Mining
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A new website uses ship location data to track deep-sea mining exploration. 

The Shark Fin Ban That Should Be Banned
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Why eliminating the shark fin trade in the United States is bad for sharks and legitimate fishers.  

Making Money Out of Mud
Photo Essay

In the degraded environment of Pakistan’s Indus Delta region, where locals who depend on fishing struggle to sustain themselves, crab fattening...

Taking a Buyout from the Beach
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A market-based initiative could help people escape from deteriorating beaches.

Art and Accounting in the Age of Whaling
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Hand-carved stamps helped whalers keep track of their catches and assess the success of their voyages.

The Plan to Ship Oil Through the “Graveyard of the Pacific”
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The largest oil-by-rail terminal in the US would double oil shipments through the Columbia River.

Closing the Port to Illegal Fishers
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A new international agreement should help strip illegal fishers’ access to the market.

Protests and Prison Time: the Fight Over Malé’s “Friendship Bridge”
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The public closure of a beloved surfing site has sparked unease in the Maldivian capital. 

Rio, the Olympics, and Broken Promises

Before the games even begin in Brazil’s most famous coastal city, there are winners and losers.

Pulling at the Heartstrings Loosens the Purse Strings
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New research shows ecotourists are more likely to contribute to conservation efforts if they feel connected to the cause and talk about it. 

Fishing With Cyanide
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A small study finds US retailers are selling fish caught using the illegal technique.

Brexit Vote Will Likely Cause Problems for UK Fishers
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Fishers were part of the “Leave” push, but it may not work out as they’d hoped.

United We Fish!

Caught between depleted stocks, collapsing prices, and commercial trawlers, small-scale fishermen join forces to create new niche markets for...

Ballast Water Exemptions Are Leaving Alaska Open to Invasion
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Meanwhile, a new bill could strip the Environmental Protection Agency of its ability to regulate ballast water. 

Like Shazam, but for Fish
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A new device uses infrared waves to rapidly identify species and fight fish fraud.

Banned From Some Indonesian Waters, Shark Fishers Simply Move Elsewhere
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Without a clear path to alternate sources of income, shark fishers are displaced, not dissuaded.