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Seafood CSI

Advances in genetic technology will make us all DNA detectives.

Can the Market Save the World’s Fisheries?
Article - Short

One investment firm thinks sustainable fisheries and Wall Street profits can go hand in hand.

Flying Dutchman 2.0
Article - Short

This robotic catamaran could bring the Internet to the depths of the ocean—and turn a tidy profit for its inventors. There’s just one problem. ...

Krill Seekers
Article - Short

How a tiny crustacean reinvigorated Antarctic research.

In the Salish Sea, Whale Watchers Frequently Getting Too Close
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A nonprofit is tracking potential violations of whale watching regulations by commercial and private watchers. 

Tracking Fish From Hook to Fork
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New tracing technologies will make it easier to see where fish are coming from. 

The Race for Arctic Oil

Oil companies have always looked north for vast oil fields, and they won’t stop any time soon.

Seaweed Economics 101: Boom and Bust in the North Atlantic

Coastal communities have watched the economic pendulum—and their futures—swing wildly when it comes to relying on seaweed as an industry. Is there...

Feeding the World, One Fish Head at a Time
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Entrepreneurs and governments are trying to make use of the whole fish.

How to Get Drunken, Sailor
Article - Short

Five historic drinks that helped seafarers get three sheets to the wind.

Coveted Clams
Article - Short

Shucking these five bivalves will cost you.

The Living Lice Comb
Article - Short

Aquaculture adopts integrated pest management techniques for water-borne pests.

There’s Probably Garbage in Your Fish
Article - Short

In Indonesia and the United States, fish are contaminated with human debris. 

The True Price of the Biggest Fish
Article - Short

Fish economics and fish evolution are intricately connected. 

Fishonomics 101: the Illusion of Abundance

How globalization of the seafood industry keeps consumers in the dark and prices down.

All Three Sides of the Story
Article - Short

Five geographical triangles that shaped the ocean’s history. 

Under the Crab-Claw Sails
Article - Short

When food was short, Pacific Island sailors loaded their boats with pottery and set off on long trading journeys in striking triple-hulled canoes...

The Cook, the Hunter, the Whales & their Watchers

Whale watchers and whale hunters intermingle in the waters off Reykjavík, Iceland. Can they coexist?

Refugee Policy Adrift: How Humans Migrate
Article - Short

Why are some countries more attractive destinations for refugees than others?

Ruled Out
Article - Short

West coast US small-boat fishermen are struggling to stay afloat.