In South Africa, Colonialism Was Written on Stone
Article - Short

An ocher painting of a ship from the early 18th century serves as a visual reminder of the clash between indigenous peoples and settlers.

He’s Got the Whole Coast in His Hand
Article - Short

One-of-a-kind handheld maps of Greenland are an early example of the intimate relationship the Inuit have with their landscape.

Return of the Mummers

The people of Newfoundland and Labrador revive an eccentric tradition that’s part Christmas, part Halloween, to celebrate the holidays.

An Act of Forgiveness Fuels a Fight in the Arctic

Greenpeace and movie stars mend fences with a Nunavut hamlet as it heads to the Canadian Supreme Court.

The 6,000-Year-Old Village

Traditional knowledge meets Western science on the central coast of British Columbia. 

The Dark Side of Lighthouses
Article - Short

Mouthfuls of molten lead, wild weather, and insanity: the occupational hazards of an early lighthouse keeper.

Weapons of War Litter the Ocean Floor

At least one million tonnes of chemical weapons were dumped in the oceans between 1919 and 1980. Now what?

Book Review: Finding Franklin
Article - Short

Teasing the fate of Sir John Franklin’s expedition from the frozen Arctic has been an obsession of searchers since 1854.

Biased Tide Gauges Mean We’ve Been Systematically Underestimating Sea Level Rise
Article - Short

Most historical tide gauges were installed in the northern hemisphere, a legacy that has been skewing scientists’ modern interpretations of sea...

The Unexpected Discovery of Anaphylaxis
Article - Short

How the sting of the Portuguese man-of-war led to one of the most significant medical advances rooted in oceanographic work.

The Ugly Mermaid
Article - Short

Long before Mary Shelley dreamed up Frankenstein, Japanese fishermen were cobbling together the ugliest mermaid monsters you’ll ever see.

The Japanese Art of Sharing News
Article - Short

A mélange of art, news, and propaganda, woodblock prints spread the word on everything from tsunamis to the latest fashion.

Old Coast, New Coast: Petty Harbour, Newfoundland
Article - Short

Remembering and revitalizing the “rooms” of a fishing village.

The Collateral Damage of Yankee Whaling

New research shows that 100,000 dead whales were just the tip of the iceberg. 

When History Washes Ashore
Article - Short

Rubber duckies now, duckey stones then: lost cargo from the pre-plastic generation.

Two Sides of One Mask
Article - Short

A painted wooden clam mask celebrates the home and history of the Heiltsuk First Nation.

A Sunken Bridge the Size of a Continent

A remote Arctic land may hold a vital missing chapter from human history. The only problem? It disappeared at the end of the last ice age.

Attack of the Cartographic Land Octopus
Article - Short

Far from just a way to avoid getting lost, maps have also been used as a means of persuasion.

How British Columbia’s Coastal People Fertilized the Forest
Article - Short

Indigenous people’s castoff clamshells made the forest grow bigger. 

Little Boats Made of Driftwood and Sealskin
Article - Short

Building small-scale replicas may have been a way for Aleutian boatbuilders to pass on skills. It also preserved history in miniature.