The Man Who Became the Rainbow
Article - Short

A rare mask represents a human-spirit transformation in the origin story of the Yagán people of Patagonia.

Māui and the Giant Fish
Article - Short

Sibling rivalry spurred an adventure that defined New Zealand geography.

Book Review: Seal
Article - Short

A Canadian historian looks at the seal’s place in the natural order and in human culture.

No Wool, No Vikings

The fleece that launched 1,000 ships.

Peekaboo Islands
Article - Short

From tides to tectonics, puzzling events have pushed these five islands under water—only for them to rise again.

Krill Seekers
Article - Short

How a tiny crustacean reinvigorated Antarctic research.

This Bridge Will Move You
Article - Short

The 123-year-old Bizkaia Bridge is part bridge, part gondola, and a little bit ferry.

The Race for Arctic Oil

Oil companies have always looked north for vast oil fields, and they won’t stop any time soon.

History Is Melting

Archaeologists are forced to choose what to save as their dig sites disappear into the Arctic Ocean.

Out of This World: the Minnesota Seaside Station

More than a century ago, a group of students traveled from the American Midwest to Canada’s Pacific Coast to study seaweeds. Botanical Beach has...

Uncovering the Culture of Bronze Age Logboats
Article - Short

The advent of metal tools created demand for a European trade network—and boats to deliver the goods.

Old Coast, New Coast: Hong Kong
Article - Short

Victoria Peak has long been a prime spot from which to witness Hong Kong’s dizzying evolution.

For the Information of Others
Article - Short

Consummate naturalist Ian McTaggart Cowan spent a lifetime documenting the biodiversity of British Columbia in detailed nature journals.

What History Gives, the Sea Steals

In Scotland and around the world, archaeologists rush to understand ancient sites that climate change is both revealing and washing away.

Real Sunken Cities
Article - Short

These five sunken cities testify to the risks of coastal life.

Seaweed Economics 101: Boom and Bust in the North Atlantic

Coastal communities have watched the economic pendulum—and their futures—swing wildly when it comes to relying on seaweed as an industry. Is there...

Coast Today, Toast Tomorrow
Article - Short

Slumping shorelines, roving rivers, and exploding islands—five coastlines that I’m sure were here yesterday.

The 12 Days of Christmas … Island

For the holiday season we bring you a gift—the history of an extraordinary place.

Nourished by the Sea
Article - Short

A seaweed celebration offers a glimpse into Guernsey’s past.

Fish Helmets Don’t Save Lives
Article - Short

Kiribati’s porcupinefish helmets were more about drama than defense.