Baltimore’s Garbage Wheel
Article - Short

A year in the life of the Charm City’s garbage-eating waterwheel.

Stories from the Seven Seas
Article - Short

Coastal stories we wish we’d written.

Beer-battered Shrimp, Inside and Out
Article - Short

The leftovers from beer brewing are a surprisingly hearty meal for shrimp.

The Brine Revolution

Did lowly shellfish change the world?

A Sailing Farmer Steers Toward a Post-Carbon Future

A Vermont farmer decides to reinvent how goods are shipped to market; will the shipping gods listen?

New Wave in Art
Article - Short

Profiles of five artists who find creative inspiration in beach debris.

Catch, Borrow, Release

A visionary small community on Canada’s west coast offers aquarium fans a new way to enjoy marine wildlife.

Australia’s Extremophile Coral Could Be Key to Saving the World’s Reefs
Article - Short

These resilient corals can handle conditions that would decimate other species.

Welcome to Strand
Article - Short

Hakai Magazine’s home for daily news about the coast.

Homo Oceanus

Water is fundamental for life: does the human brain have a special placeholder for it?

Global Shipping and Emissions

Shipping traffic has grown rapidly in the past two decades—and so have its emissions. But what does that mean for the atmosphere?

Stefan Drzewiecki, Submarine Tsar
Article - Short

The world’s first submarine fleet was pedal-powered and short-lived. But its design was a game changer for modern warfare.

Building a More Ethical Aquarium

Tropical fish collectors are loving the ocean to death. As the toll on reefs becomes better known, some public aquariums look for ways to lighten...