Uncovering the Culture of Bronze Age Logboats
Article - Short

The advent of metal tools created demand for a European trade network—and boats to deliver the goods.

Finding Our First Fish

Sharks aren’t primitive, and they aren’t the most primitive surviving jawed fish either. New fossils are rattling the fish family tree.

Hiding From the Deep Freeze
Article - Short

On an archipelago off British Columbia, wildlife may have hidden from the past two ice ages.

The Circle of Poo
Article - Short

Nutrients from whales’ poo fertilize phytoplankton, which are eaten by krill … which are eaten by whales. 

Hitching a Ride on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Article - Short

Fish may be rafting to Hawaii on plastic debris.

Book Review: A World for My Daughter
Article - Short

Through letters to his daughter, an ecologist shares his knowledge of the natural world and his hopes for its future.

What’s Supersizing Antarctica’s Sea Spiders?
Article - Short

Polar sea spiders grow bigger than their equatorial brethren. 

Reclaiming an Old Home for the Hawaiian Petrel
Article - Short

An endangered bird’s future looks bright as 10 get set to take flight.

Feeding the World, One Fish Head at a Time
Article - Short

Entrepreneurs and governments are trying to make use of the whole fish.

Cleaning Canvases with Chemicals from Sea Creatures
Article - Short

Enzymes from seafloor animals could help keep artwork looking sharp.

A Shot of Lime
Article - Short

Lime juice is a cheap and easy way to exterminate crown-of-thorns starfish.

Trashing the Capitol’s Christmas Tree
Article - Short

The US capital’s Christmas tree is decorated with marine debris.

Marsh on the Move
Article - Short

Maryland’s coastal marsh is migrating inland—and land managers are trying to clear the way.

Beating Back the Crazy Ants
Article - Short

An innovative—if horrifying—approach and a five-year effort seems to have rid Johnston Atoll of its yellow crazy ant infestation.

Counting the Invisible Fish

Scientists don’t need to see a fish to know it’s there.

Arctic Invasion
Article - Short

Invasive species are making it to the Arctic, they just can’t survive there—yet.

A Fishy Plan
Article - Short

Canada’s new government says it’s going to expand the country’s marine protected areas. Scientists worry the government is cutting corners to hit...

The Inventor of the Seismic Air Gun Is Trying to Supplant His Controversial Creation
Article - Short

The seismic air gun was a huge improvement over what came before, but it’s far from perfect.

Turning Parrotfish into Proxyfish
Article - Short

Measuring parrotfish gives a quick and easy way to estimate fishing intensity. 

Divers: Please Keep Your Hands Off the Coral
Article - Short

Divers routinely damage the coral reefs they’re trying to explore. But a little education goes a long way.