Living Things

Death of a Modern Wolf

Once feared, vilified, and exterminated, the wolves of Vancouver Island face an entirely different threat: our fascination, our presence, and our...

Alaska’s Oyster Farmers Are Filling an Acidification-Driven Void
Article - Short

The state’s oyster farming industry is gaining ground as growers elsewhere struggle.

A Trail of Rocks Traces Historical Steamship Routes
Article - Short

The afterlife of gunk scraped out of ships’ boilers and chucked overboard.

What Went Wrong With the Right Whales?
Article - Short

Necropsies reveal how six of the 12 North Atlantic right whales that died in Canadian waters this summer met their end.

Living in the Sand
Photo Essay

There’s a whole lot more on the ocean floor if you just know where to look for it.

Even Sea Monsters Got the Bends
Article - Short

Forensic analysis of modern turtles unveils an unexpected cause of death for ancient marine reptiles.

Protectors of the Penguins

Meet the people who stand between the world’s last wild populations of African penguins and extinction.

Mutant Sea Stars Can Take the Heat
Article - Short

A mutation conferring higher heat tolerance is common among survivors of sea star wasting disease.

In a Changing Climate, Conservative Elephant Seals Suffer
Article - Short

Elephant seals that shirk traditional foraging grounds fare better during times of change.

Avoiding Extinction

Giving Mexico’s rarest porpoise, the vaquita, a fighting chance in the face of poverty, corruption, and greed.

These Cages Save Baby Fish
Article - Short

On developed shorelines, oyster shell “safe houses” offer sanctuary.

Starving Killer Whales Are Losing Most of Their Babies
Article - Short

A nearly 70 percent miscarriage rate is threatening the future of the southern resident killer whale.

The Plan to Clone an Extinct Horse
Article - Short

One woman hopes technology can resurrect the Abaco Island breed.

The Old Fish and the Sea
Article - Short

Fishing has dramatically reduced the number of senior fish left in the ocean.

A Panic Room for Corals
Article - Short

After Hurricane Irma, and with Jose and Katia bearing down, the need for a coral vault seems even more urgent.

Twisted Fishter
Article - Short

Mud eels do an evolutionary about face.

Wildlife Rescue in Harvey’s Wake
Article - Short

A Texas wildlife rehabilitation center prepares for a rush of patients.

The Oral History of Toothless Whales

Baleen whales carry their medical records in their mouths.

Scaling Back the Mississippi Delta
Article - Short

An invasive insect is chewing through the cane that holds the delta together.

Counting India’s Elusive Fishing Cats
Article - Short

No one is quite sure how many of these water-loving cats are prowling through the mangrove forests.