Living Things

Salmon Trees

A researcher’s discovery that trees and animals depend on salmon as much as people do has far-reaching implications for British Columbia’s...


What happens when island raccoons live free of predators? A lot. And it’s not good.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Article - Short

Betty Pratt-Johnson’s books brought ocean wonders to the world.

The Party Slugs of Costa Rica
Article - Short

David Brian Butvill dives into a fiesta that’s invisible to the other partiers at the beach.

Below the Surface of Our Harbor

Curious about what lives beneath the water in Victoria’s Inner Harbour? We were, too. Take a dive with us off the coast of British Columbia.

Building a More Ethical Aquarium

Tropical fish collectors are loving the ocean to death. As the toll on reefs becomes better known, some public aquariums look for ways to lighten...