Living Things

Caller ID for Dolphins
Article - Short

Researchers have developed an algorithm that identifies species by their calls and could help make population estimates.

The Effects of Invasive Pythons Slither through the Everglades
Article - Short

Pythons may be setting off a cascade of ecosystem changes. 

Book Review: The Fish Market
Article - Short

The complex story of sustainable seafood and the systems that make it possible.

For Sharks, Even Catch and Release Can Kill
Article - Short

Conservation-minded fishermen are doing more damage than they intend.

Hark! A Sea Monster! (Oh, No, Just a Dying Whale)
Article - Short

All those strange sea monster sightings in days of yore? This may be the best explanation yet.

Hawai‘i Is Being Overrun by Invasive Cannibals
Article - Short

Hawai‘i’s invasive species are scavenging each other’s corpses, sustaining their takeover of the islands.

Why Whales Leap Into the Air
Article - Short

After hundreds of hours of observations, we now know it’s true: breaching humpback whales are yelling.

Snakes That Swim with Salmon
Article - Short

Snakes’ wide-ranging diet and ability to slither into all manner of habitats lead to unexpected human-wildlife interactions.

A Wall Worth Building: Making Clam Habitat Great Again

On the Pacific Northwest coast, indigenous groups are reinvigorating the ancient practice of clam gardening.

What Happens When an Endangered Whale Pod Loses its Wise Old Grandma?
Article - Short

With the death of Granny, the matriarch of the northeast Pacific’s southern resident killer whales, a century’s worth of knowledge and leadership...

The Uncertain Future of Puffin for Dinner

Hunting and eating puffins are Icelandic traditions. But for how much longer?

Competition Pressured Killer Whales into Menopause
Article - Short

Selfish daughters, not altruistic grandmothers, could explain the evolution of menopause.

Protecting Blue Whales by Predicting Where They’ll Be
Article - Short

Researchers are using historical tracking data and environmental modeling to calculate where blue whales will congregate.

The Surprising Side Effect of Anti-Anxiety Medication—on Salmon
Article - Short

Salmon exposed to oxazepam migrate nearly twice as fast as their unmedicated counterparts. 

Fingerprinting a Spotted Eagle Ray
Article - Short

New research confirms that spotted eagle rays’ prints are unique.

Big Bird in the City
Article - Short

If done carefully, great blue heron habitat and urban development can coexist.

Book Review: Venomous
Article - Short

Sea creatures of our nightmares come alive in a biologist’s exploration of the power of their poison.

Saving a Coral Reef, One Transplant at a Time
Article - Short

First developed in the 1970s, coral reef transplants are finally proving effective.

Florida’s White Ibises May Be Spreading Disease
Article - Short

The increasingly urban birds are carrying salmonella. 

Scientists Confirm: “the Blob” Really Messed Up the Northeast Pacific
Article - Short

The Pacific warm water “Blob” contributed to a record toxic algae bloom.