Living Things

The Timeline of Fear
Article - Short

Two populations of bandicoots show that learning to fear a new predator can take quite some time.

A Burning Problem For Mangroves

In Madagascar’s Bay of Assassins, villagers balance mangrove use and conservation. How much longer can they do it?

The Collateral Damage of Yankee Whaling

New research shows that 100,000 dead whales were just the tip of the iceberg. 

The Curious Case of Bermuda’s Mysterious Turtle

Operation Green Turtle was considered one of the most audacious failures in the history of conservation biology—until a stunning nest inspired...

Book Review: The Killer Whale Who Changed the World
Article - Short

Author Mark Leiren-Young traces the killer whale’s trajectory from reviled to revered.

Living in a Bubble
Article - Short

These five organisms find home in sea foam.

This Robot Thinks It’s a Larva
Article - Short

A new robot is designed to mimic the behavior of teeny tiny larvae.

A Different Kind of Oral History
Article - Short

Marine mammals have a surprising prevalence of dental disease.

Researchers Discover a Sea Snake Nursery
Article - Short

Even venomous sea snakes are vulnerable as babies, but their mothers know where to keep them safe. 

The Killer Kiss of Kohn’s Snails

Venomous cone snails may be slow, but they’re deadly.

Decline of Salt Farming Leads to Shorebird Shakeout
Article - Short

A key habitat for migratory birds, salt pans are threatened by shifting industrial priorities.

When Living on an Island Kills
Article - Short

Ecotourism threatens the cute and cuddly quokkas isolated on an island in the Indian Ocean.

The Secret World of Bog
Photo Essay

Photos of a lesser-known ecosystem, from British Columbia’s outer coast.

Why Running Cold Lets Some Creatures Grow Old
Article - Short

Geneticists are discovering an intriguing connection between cold bodies and extraordinary longevity. 

What the Ancient Oyster Knows

Scientists in the emerging field of conservation paleobiology believe that the key to oyster conservation could be contained in ancient shells....

Book Review: Holy Mōlī
Article - Short

Author Hob Osterlund introduces readers to the fabled seabirds—and her guardian spirits—through an offshoot population on Kaua‘i.

A Mysterious Illness Is on the Move
Article - Short

A fish-borne toxin that causes “paradoxical temperature reversal” and other strange symptoms has started to spread.

Scientists Discover a Mouth-Breathing Dolphin
Article - Short

Here’s why that’s really, really weird.

How British Columbia’s Coastal People Fertilized the Forest
Article - Short

Indigenous people’s castoff clamshells made the forest grow bigger. 

It’s Happening Now: Climate Change Is Killing Off the Yellow Cedar
Article - Short

Actually proving a species is being affected by climate change, and not some other factor, is incredibly difficult.