People & Society

Sand? Mine!

Our insatiable need for concrete has led to destructive mining around the world. How can we do it better?

One Man’s Junk

For 40 years, John has been collecting our garbage off the beach. Here’s where you can visit it.

Guardians of the Coast

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but British Columbia’s coastal First Nations are joining forces to safeguard the coast.

Nostalgia and Peace on the Ocean

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s short stretch of seaside refuge has outsized value.

The Power of Compassion

Why humpback whales rescue seals and why volunteering for beach cleanups improves your health.

Did Climate Change Bring Down Late Bronze Age Civilizations?
Article - Short

Marine archaeologists excavating the eastern Mediterranean are learning how the Bronze Age Mycenaean, Egyptian, and Anatolian Empires fell.

Blasting Through the Hunley Mystery

A maverick scientist claims she has done what scores of researchers before her failed to do: solve the century-old mystery of why a legendary...

Kissing Bergs and Dancing the Innu Shuffle
Photo Essay

Reflections from a journey spanning St. John’s to Nain on Canada’s east coast.

Why Don’t Whales Get Out of the Way?
Article - Short

Ships are huge and loud, yet they seem to take whales by surprise.

Green Crabs Are Officially Delicious
Article - Short

Commodifying a harmful invader with technology typically used to pulverize chicken meat.

Eat, Love, Pay
Article - Short

Hilsa are small fish with a huge fan base, and people will pay to protect them. 

A Teen Whaler in the Age of Cyberbullies

Internet death threats hound a young Alaskan after a successful hunt.

Reimagining the History of Human Migration With a 65,000-Year-Old Find
Article - Short

An ax and some sparkly paint could change the ancient human travelogue.

Hunger’s Children

Fleeing the Irish Famine, some immigrants brought their islands with them to North America.

Last Dune Standing
Article - Short

A growing population and rampant development hits Israel’s coast hard.

Polar Bears and People: Cataloging Conflict
Article - Short

A team of international researchers investigate interactions between the Arctic’s two main predators.

How Many Countries Does it Take to Save a Fish?

All of them—which makes conservation difficult when your neighbors keep poaching.

Not Your Average Beach House
Article - Short

Forget rebar or prestressed lumber—the sea provides a bounty of alternative construction materials.

Eau Canada

We have the longest coastline in the world and the best stories (sorry).

Watts in the Water

Our oceans contain enough energy to power the planet—if we could just get our hands on it.