People & Society

A Sailing Farmer Steers Toward a Post-Carbon Future

A Vermont farmer decides to reinvent how goods are shipped to market; will the shipping gods listen?

What Now, Walrus?

The convergence of Inuit wisdom and scientific study is helping researchers begin to understand what a changing Arctic means for the walrus (and...

The Ghosts of Cannery Row

Despite its picturesque beauty, Canada’s cannery row was straight out of the Industrial Revolution, with an added measure of racial segregation....

New Wave in Art
Article - Short

Profiles of five artists who find creative inspiration in beach debris.

Land Divided, Coast United

In Gaza and Israel, on the Mediterranean coast, a perennial optimist and an environmental organization work to overcome a border for the sake of...

The Paper Boats of Troy

With the right design, paper and water can mix to make a floatable boat.

Catch, Borrow, Release

A visionary small community on Canada’s west coast offers aquarium fans a new way to enjoy marine wildlife.

Hugh and the Boobies

Like characters in a soap opera, boobies on a remote Mexican island cheat, kill, and jostle for power. One devoted researcher has been there to...

Now It’s Personal

They’re not just for restaurant suggestions. Personalization technologies can bring individual creatures right to your mobile device (and...

The Tenacity of Water Chestnuts

To keep Massachusetts’s Mystic River friendly for boaters, a volunteer militia dives into the fray and beats back a well-armed invader.

If You Feed Them, They Will Come

Science writer Cameron Walker explores a strange disconnect in our relationship with marine animals.

Becoming Seals

A group of unlikely athletes finds camaraderie and relief from pain in the frigid North Pacific waters off Canada’s Saltspring Island.

Other Fish to Fry

As stocks of premium fish come under increasing stress from the growing human population, inventive chefs are cooking down the food chain, finding...

Coastal Villages that Moved Away
Article - Short

Build a dam, Sam. Set off a bomb, Dom. Block a view, Lou. There are at least 50 ways to move your coastal village, but we’ve narrowed it down to...

Global Shipping and Emissions

Shipping traffic has grown rapidly in the past two decades—and so have its emissions. But what does that mean for the atmosphere?

Sub Marine: The Things We Sink
Photo Essay

From cemeteries to art galleries to concrete crowds, this gallery takes a look at some of the more surprising objects people have put in the sea...

The Pirate Naturalist
Article - Short

Talented navigator, diligent observer, and bad-boy buccaneer, William Dampier may be the most accomplished travel writer and naturalist you’ve...

Old Coast, New Coast: Doha, Qatar
Article - Short

From ocean to desert and everything in between, unearthing Doha’s coastline in photographs.

Stefan Drzewiecki, Submarine Tsar
Article - Short

The world’s first submarine fleet was pedal-powered and short-lived. But its design was a game changer for modern warfare.

Into the Cold

Off the coast of British Columbia, a dedicated group of friends romp regularly in the ocean, part of a growing trend of cold water swimming.