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What’s the True Scientific Value of Scientific Whaling?
Article - Short

A new study shows that countries that participate in lethal scientific whaling do not produce superior scientific research. 

Is This the Year Governments Protect Antarctica’s Seas?
Article - Short

The odds world governments will finally agree to establish marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean are looking better than ever. 

The Japanese Art of Sharing News
Article - Short

A mélange of art, news, and propaganda, woodblock prints spread the word on everything from tsunamis to the latest fashion.

Swimming with Tuna

A controversial plan for a tourist attraction sparks questions about South Australia’s celebrated tuna ranching industry.

Five Ways to Float Your Boat
Article - Short

Big ships are built on land. Here are five ways to get them in the water.

Old Coast, New Coast: Petty Harbour, Newfoundland
Article - Short

Remembering and revitalizing the “rooms” of a fishing village.

Godzilla’s Island Origin
Article - Short

Cinema’s classic coastal creature invades North America for an eight-day rampage.

A Burning Problem For Mangroves

In Madagascar’s Bay of Assassins, villagers balance mangrove use and conservation. How much longer can they do it?

Earthquakes’ Ecological Aftershock
Article - Short

The coastal Klallam people had to adapt to an altered ecosystem in the wake of an earthquake and tsunami.

When History Washes Ashore
Article - Short

Rubber duckies now, duckey stones then: lost cargo from the pre-plastic generation.

Two Sides of One Mask
Article - Short

A painted wooden clam mask celebrates the home and history of the Heiltsuk First Nation.

The Shark Fin Ban That Should Be Banned
Article - Short

Why eliminating the shark fin trade in the United States is bad for sharks and legitimate fishers.  

When Living on an Island Kills
Article - Short

Ecotourism threatens the cute and cuddly quokkas isolated on an island in the Indian Ocean.

A Sunken Bridge the Size of a Continent

A remote Arctic land may hold a vital missing chapter from human history. The only problem? It disappeared at the end of the last ice age.

Attack of the Cartographic Land Octopus
Article - Short

Far from just a way to avoid getting lost, maps have also been used as a means of persuasion.

Making Money Out of Mud
Photo Essay

In the degraded environment of Pakistan’s Indus Delta region, where locals who depend on fishing struggle to sustain themselves, crab fattening...

Harvesting in the Park
Article - Short

In Alaska and beyond, new rules are letting indigenous tribes reclaim some use of US national parks for traditional gathering. 

Nuclear Neighbors

How does a coastal nuclear plant affect the sea life and communities that surround it?

How British Columbia’s Coastal People Fertilized the Forest
Article - Short

Indigenous people’s castoff clamshells made the forest grow bigger. 

Little Boats Made of Driftwood and Sealskin
Article - Short

Building small-scale replicas may have been a way for Aleutian boatbuilders to pass on skills. It also preserved history in miniature.