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Human-Grizzly Conflict Is Fueled by Desperation
Article - Short

Research shows that limited marine food supply drives bears into conflict with humans in British Columbia.

Solidarity and the Art of Sustainable Lobster Fishing

In Punta Allen, Mexico, a lobster fishing cooperative supports the community and the environment.

Murals by the Sea
Article - Short

Five street art pieces that offer a new perspective on the ocean.

A Modern-Day Viking Voyage
Article - Short

Celebrating the world’s longest-running parliament in style.

Book Review: A Sea of Glass
Article - Short

A professor of ecology and evolutionary biology details the quest to uncover living matches to 19th-century glass models.

The (Flawed?) Promise of “Certified Sustainable Seafood”
Article - Short

By controlling the definition of “sustainability,” eco-labeling schemes could do harm as well as good.

When a Killer Whale Came to Town
Article - Short

Murray Newman, founding director of the Vancouver Public Aquarium, leaves an unforgettable scientific legacy.

Breeding Dory

When Finding Nemo was released, clownfish became the latest trendy pet. Now, as Finding Dory is about to hit the big screen,...

Doing Science with Stories
Article - Short

The experiences of people who live close with the land offer a potentially valuable complement to traditional climate change data.  

The Ultra Mega Powerless Take On the Ultra Mega Power Plants

In India’s Gulf of Kutch, a migratory community of fishers tries to maintain access to the coastline that sustains them.

The Big (Coastal) Squeeze
Photo Essay

Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady Delta shoreline is at risk of getting squeezed out.

Havana: Some Assembly Required

A communist city struggles to lure foreign money and rebuild its failing infrastructure without sacrificing its revolutionary roots.

The Tricky Hunting Tactics of Dolphins
Article - Short

A question passed down from an amateur naturalist to a graduate student spawned a decade-long bond, and uncovered new secrets of dolphin behavior...

Death by a Thousand Ship Strikes
Article - Short

The Canary Island’s sperm whales are (slowly) being wiped out by ship strikes. 

Will Clashing Visions End the Harmony in Haifa, Israel?

How redeveloping neighborhoods in Haifa threatens its unique reputation for tolerance in a divisive country.

The Real Estate Apartheid

In a South African fishing village, market forces maintain segregation long after the old race-based laws have gone.

Infographic: Get the Hell Off My Beach

Coastal access laws around the world.

Okinawa’s Elders Rage Against the Marines

The US military finds a surprising adversary on a small, strategic island in the East China Sea.

Vancouver’s Other Housing Crisis

Clinging to the liveaboard life in one of the world’s most expensive cities.

Coming Soon: Sustainable Saint Lucian Sea Moss
Article - Short

A new training program on the Caribbean island aims to make sea moss farming better for the farmers and for the environment.