Policy & Law

Protests and Prison Time: the Fight Over Malé’s “Friendship Bridge”
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The public closure of a beloved surfing site has sparked unease in the Maldivian capital. 

Fishing With Cyanide
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A small study finds US retailers are selling fish caught using the illegal technique.

Brexit Vote Will Likely Cause Problems for UK Fishers
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Fishers were part of the “Leave” push, but it may not work out as they’d hoped.

Ballast Water Exemptions Are Leaving Alaska Open to Invasion
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Meanwhile, a new bill could strip the Environmental Protection Agency of its ability to regulate ballast water. 

Northern California’s Farmers Want to Drop the Bass
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Chinook salmon and striped bass are the focus of a proxy war over California water rights.   

Banned From Some Indonesian Waters, Shark Fishers Simply Move Elsewhere
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Without a clear path to alternate sources of income, shark fishers are displaced, not dissuaded.

Fire, Protests, and Distrust in the Wake of Chile’s Fishery Shutdown
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Protests around Chile’s handling of the red tide crisis reveal many fishers’ deep distrust of authority.

Human-Grizzly Conflict Is Fueled by Desperation
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Research shows that limited marine food supply drives bears into conflict with humans in British Columbia.

The (Flawed?) Promise of “Certified Sustainable Seafood”
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By controlling the definition of “sustainability,” eco-labeling schemes could do harm as well as good.

A Cull to Save the Kelp
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An innovative project is rehabilitating California’s kelp forests after decades of degradation at the hands of environmental decay and sea urchin...

The Ultra Mega Powerless Take On the Ultra Mega Power Plants
Article - Long

In India’s Gulf of Kutch, a migratory community of fishers tries to maintain access to the coastline that sustains them.

Havana: Some Assembly Required
Article - Long

A communist city struggles to lure foreign money and rebuild its failing infrastructure without sacrificing its revolutionary roots.

Death by a Thousand Ship Strikes
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The Canary Island’s sperm whales are (slowly) being wiped out by ship strikes. 

Infographic: Get the Hell Off My Beach

Coastal access laws around the world.

Vancouver’s Other Housing Crisis
Article - Long

Clinging to the liveaboard life in one of the world’s most expensive cities.

The Right to Roam

Scotland’s liberal access laws make life a whole lot better for everyone.

Who Controls the Coast?
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Squabbling over some of the world’s most valuable territory, the shoreline, is ultimately a very human thing to do.

A Warming Threat to Maine’s Lobsters
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The water in the Gulf of Maine is warming rapidly, a change that could bring a once-rare lobster disease further north. 

The Sea Cucumber’s Vanishing Act
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Coastal communities don’t always realize their sea cucumbers are targets of a voracious, international fishery until it’s too late.

Indigenous Cooperation a Model for Walrus Conservation
Article - Short

From Alaska and Russia, traditional hunters meet to discuss threats to their way of life.