Policy & Law

Is China’s Hands-Off Approach to Fisheries Producing More Fish?
Article - Short

China’s fishers indiscriminately target predators as well as prey, putting different pressures on the ecosystem.

Proposed Policies Could Make America Overfished Again
Article - Short

A new “fish bill” could weaken regulations that have helped fisheries recover across the United States.

Political Suppression of Science: Lessons from Canada
Article - Short

Canadian scientists are lending support to worried American peers. 

Radioactive Refuges
Article - Short

A heavily-exploited Japanese fish found sanctuary after the 2011 Fukushima earthquake. 

Tapping the Freshwater Ocean Under the Sea
Article - Short

Vast stores of fresh water exist deep beneath the seafloor—but who gets to decide how they’re used?

The Last Trial of the Codfather

Since his release from prison in the 1980s, Carlos Rafael has ruthlessly run his Massachusetts seafood business with little regard for the law....

Reinforce and Build
Article - Short

The vicious cycle driving development on Florida’s most fragile beaches.

New CCGS Sir John Franklin Gets Frosty Reception
Article - Short

A new Canadian research ship will be named after John Franklin—but is that really a good idea?

Oft-Overlooked Jellyfisheries Are Too Big to Ignore
Article - Short

Jellyfish fisheries are booming, but we still don’t know if they’re a good idea.

Commercial Ships Could Be Quieter, but They Aren’t
Article - Short

Shipbuilding economics and lack of regulations are getting in the way of a quieter ocean.

What’s the True Scientific Value of Scientific Whaling?
Article - Short

A new study shows that countries that participate in lethal scientific whaling do not produce superior scientific research. 

Is This the Year Governments Protect Antarctica’s Seas?
Article - Short

The odds world governments will finally agree to establish marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean are looking better than ever. 

Elevating the Maine Scallop to Haute Cuisine

Maine scallops are delicious, but lobsters get all the glory. One woman is on a quest to change that.

The Shark Fin Ban That Should Be Banned
Article - Short

Why eliminating the shark fin trade in the United States is bad for sharks and legitimate fishers.  

Harvesting in the Park
Article - Short

In Alaska and beyond, new rules are letting indigenous tribes reclaim some use of US national parks for traditional gathering. 

Nuclear Neighbors

How does a coastal nuclear plant affect the sea life and communities that surround it?

Taking a Buyout from the Beach
Article - Short

A market-based initiative could help people escape from deteriorating beaches.

The Fishermen of Lesbos

Those most familiar with the waters off Lesbos, Greece, are putting aside their fishing nets to help refugees.

Welcome to the Arctic, Fish

As the climate changes, the Arctic Ocean beckons Pacific salmon and other species. How will we fish responsibly?

The Plan to Ship Oil Through the “Graveyard of the Pacific”
Article - Short

The largest oil-by-rail terminal in the US would double oil shipments through the Columbia River.