Technology & Engineering

Reefs De Rigueur
Article - Short

Fish earstones may offer a verdict on the environmental value of oil rig reefs.

The Irony of Recife, Brazil
Article - Short

The beaches in this coastal city are beautiful but deadly.

Building a Smart Internet
Article - Short

These scientists want to add sea floor Internet relays to the Internet of Things.

Deepwater Horizon’s Growing Death Toll
Article - Short

New research pins a thousand dead dolphins on the BP oil spill.

Stories from the Seven Seas
Article - Short

Coastal stories that washed up on our shore.

Baltimore’s Garbage Wheel
Article - Short

A year in the life of the Charm City’s garbage-eating waterwheel.

Building a Private Titanic

Engineers are struggling to keep up with demands from the megarich for ever-bigger megayachts.

Book Review: The Undersea Network
Article - Short

A new book, and companion website, maps the Internet’s fiber-optic backbone.

The Salt Flats of Trapani
Article - Short

Don Genova discovers a crystalline link to his ancestors on the Sicilian shore.

Beer-battered Shrimp, Inside and Out
Article - Short

The leftovers from beer brewing are a surprisingly hearty meal for shrimp.

Can This Start-up Predict Flood Risk Better Than FEMA?
Article - Short

Even FEMA’s upcoming flood maps don’t account for recent climate change. Can this start-up do better?

Land Divided, Coast United

In Gaza and Israel, on the Mediterranean coast, a perennial optimist and an environmental organization work to overcome a border for the sake of...

The Paper Boats of Troy

With the right design, paper and water can mix to make a floatable boat.

Water Wars: Seeping Saltwater is Threatening Our Drinking Water
Article - Short

Spurred by sea level rise and mismanagement, salty ocean water is contaminating crucial coastal freshwater.

Now It’s Personal

They’re not just for restaurant suggestions. Personalization technologies can bring individual creatures right to your mobile device (and...

Coastal Villages that Moved Away
Article - Short

Build a dam, Sam. Set off a bomb, Dom. Block a view, Lou. There are at least 50 ways to move your coastal village, but we’ve narrowed it down to...

Global Shipping and Emissions

Shipping traffic has grown rapidly in the past two decades—and so have its emissions. But what does that mean for the atmosphere?

Sub Marine: The Things We Sink
Photo Essay

From cemeteries to art galleries to concrete crowds, this gallery takes a look at some of the more surprising objects people have put in the sea...

Stefan Drzewiecki, Submarine Tsar
Article - Short

The world’s first submarine fleet was pedal-powered and short-lived. But its design was a game changer for modern warfare.

From Scales and Fins to Shiny Tins

Travel back in time to 1938, when canneries lined Canada’s west coast, salmon filled the bottom of boats, and housewives served canned salmon on...