Technology & Engineering

Protecting Blue Whales by Predicting Where They’ll Be
Article - Short

Researchers are using historical tracking data and environmental modeling to calculate where blue whales will congregate.

Reinforce and Build
Article - Short

The vicious cycle driving development on Florida’s most fragile beaches.

The Big Sort

Clearing tonnes of plastic debris off beaches is only the first step—then comes the conundrum of what to do with it all.

Forget Fiberglass, This Surfing Champion Rides Reeds

An ancient Peruvian tradition of building and paddling reed boats is kept alive by a small group of fishermen, including Juninho Urcia, a...

How High Schoolers’ Hacks Fixed a Whale Snot-Collecting Drone
Article - Short

SnotBot got a boost from teen roboticists. 

Battling the Dike Mafia

A renegade biologist is challenging a millennium of German dike-building tradition.

Terminator Redux: Lionfish Edition
Article - Short

A new fish trap uses artificial intelligence to target lionfish. 

The Dark Side of Lighthouses
Article - Short

Mouthfuls of molten lead, wild weather, and insanity: the occupational hazards of an early lighthouse keeper.

Europe’s Race to Save Its Rice
Article - Short

Biologists are trying to breed a salt- and snail-resistant line of European rice.

Commercial Ships Could Be Quieter, but They Aren’t
Article - Short

Shipbuilding economics and lack of regulations are getting in the way of a quieter ocean.

New Research Assuages Some Worries About Mosquito Net Fishing
Article - Short

Fishing with mosquito nets is widespread, but potentially less destructive than thought. 

Biased Tide Gauges Mean We’ve Been Systematically Underestimating Sea Level Rise
Article - Short

Most historical tide gauges were installed in the northern hemisphere, a legacy that has been skewing scientists’ modern interpretations of sea...

Five Ways to Float Your Boat
Article - Short

Big ships are built on land. Here are five ways to get them in the water.

Making Monster Waves in the Lab
Article - Short

Rogue waves are rare in nature, but new research is making them perfectly common.

This Robot Thinks It’s a Larva
Article - Short

A new robot is designed to mimic the behavior of teeny tiny larvae.

Nuclear Neighbors

How does a coastal nuclear plant affect the sea life and communities that surround it?

How to Give a Seabird an Underwater Hearing Test
Article - Short

Scientists are worried marine noise may affect seabirds, but first they have to figure out how to test it. 

China's Relentless Campaign to Pave the Coast
Article - Short

In China, coastal development comes at a high cost.

The Oil Spill Cleanup Illusion

Why do we pretend to clean up oil spills in the ocean?

This Scientist Is Making Batteries Out of Recycled Crab Shells
Article - Short

Shellfish chitin is a starting material ripe for chemical modification.