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Hakai Institute researchers prepare nets for a plankton tow. Photo by Grant Callegari
Hakai Institute researchers prepare nets for a plankton tow. Photo by Grant Callegari

The Tula Foundation

Hakai Magazine is related to, but editorially independent from, the Hakai Institute. Both organizations are part of the non-profit Tula Foundation, which celebrates exploration, discovery, and science. Tula focuses on tangible on-the-ground programs that produce measurable results.

The Tula Foundation is an independent charitable foundation based in British Columbia, Canada. We have three initiatives.

The Hakai Institute conducts long-term scientific research at remote locations on the coastal margin of British Columbia.

Hakai Magazine is a web-based publication that explores science, society, and the environment from a coastal perspective.

TulaSalud supports the health of rural and indigenous Guatemalans through health worker education and the development of a community eHealth system.

While Hakai Magazine operates separately from the Hakai Institute, we share the same beat: the coastal margin. As such, we sometimes mention or feature the institute in our stories. We are not mandated to do so, we choose to, as the institute employs some of the Pacific Northwest’s leading scientists, who have important, unbiased information and insights to share about the region. Yet, as Hakai Magazine has a global focus, only a fraction of our editorial coverage touches on the Hakai Institute.

To learn about the dynamic duo fueling the Tula Foundation, see “Meet the B.C. multimillionaire who has devoted his fortune to saving the sea,” in the February 2016 issue of BCBusiness.