Policy & Law

The (Flawed?) Promise of “Certified Sustainable Seafood”
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By controlling the definition of “sustainability,” eco-labeling schemes could do harm as well as good.

A Cull to Save the Kelp
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An innovative project is rehabilitating California’s kelp forests after decades of degradation at the hands of environmental decay and sea urchin...

The Ultra Mega Powerless Take On the Ultra Mega Power Plants

In India’s Gulf of Kutch, a migratory community of fishers tries to maintain access to the coastline that sustains them.

Havana: Some Assembly Required

A communist city struggles to lure foreign money and rebuild its failing infrastructure without sacrificing its revolutionary roots.

Death by a Thousand Ship Strikes
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The Canary Island’s sperm whales are (slowly) being wiped out by ship strikes. 

Infographic: Get the Hell Off My Beach

Coastal access laws around the world.

Vancouver’s Other Housing Crisis

Clinging to the liveaboard life in one of the world’s most expensive cities.

The Right to Roam

Scotland’s liberal access laws make life a whole lot better for everyone.

Who Controls the Coast?

Squabbling over some of the world’s most valuable territory, the shoreline, is ultimately a very human thing to do.

A Warming Threat to Maine’s Lobsters
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The water in the Gulf of Maine is warming rapidly, a change that could bring a once-rare lobster disease further north. 

The Sea Cucumber’s Vanishing Act

Coastal communities don’t always realize their sea cucumbers are targets of a voracious, international fishery until it’s too late.

Indigenous Cooperation a Model for Walrus Conservation
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From Alaska and Russia, traditional hunters meet to discuss threats to their way of life. 

US Navy’s New Sonar Rules May Be Worse for Dolphins and Whales
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Lawsuits prompted the navy to restrict their use of sonar, but now some biologists say the changes may be making things worse.

Mud, Shuck, and Spat
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The future of Chesapeake Bay’s oysters depends on interstate cooperation.

Fishing the Deep
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Is it time to start fishing the deep sea? Some scientists are urging caution. 

To Ease the South China Sea Dispute, Look to the Arctic
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Political scientists offer a legal model to move the region forward.

Can the Market Save the World’s Fisheries?
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One investment firm thinks sustainable fisheries and Wall Street profits can go hand in hand.

Guardians of the Groves
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India’s first mangrove protection agency is facing off against slumlords, polluters, and even its own government.

In the Salish Sea, Whale Watchers Frequently Getting Too Close
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A nonprofit is tracking potential violations of whale watching regulations by commercial and private watchers. 

Nine Out of Ten Shark Scientists Agree: Sustainable Shark Fishing Is Fine
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Researchers worry extreme voices in the conservation community may be overshadowing an evidence-based approach.