Technology & Engineering

This Robot Thinks It’s a Larva
Article - Short

A new robot is designed to mimic the behavior of teeny tiny larvae.

Nuclear Neighbors

How does a coastal nuclear plant affect the sea life and communities that surround it?

How to Give a Seabird an Underwater Hearing Test
Article - Short

Scientists are worried marine noise may affect seabirds, but first they have to figure out how to test it. 

China's Relentless Campaign to Pave the Coast
Article - Short

In China, coastal development comes at a high cost.

The Oil Spill Cleanup Illusion

Why do we pretend to clean up oil spills in the ocean?

This Scientist Is Making Batteries Out of Recycled Crab Shells
Article - Short

Shellfish chitin is a starting material ripe for chemical modification.

Like Shazam, but for Fish
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A new device uses infrared waves to rapidly identify species and fight fish fraud.

Hawai‘i’s War on the Weeds
Article - Short

Researchers are conducting an air raid on one of the world’s most invasive plants.

Turtle Voyeurs
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An eye in the sky has revealed secrets of sea turtle courtship.

Drones Offer Hope for Fighting Arctic Oil Spills
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Ships are flocking to the Arctic, increasing the risk of a spill in an ill-prepared region.

When Beach Nourishment Kills
Article - Short

Beneath San Diego’s pristine beaches, intertidal invertebrates are struggling to survive.

Flooding the Mississippi River Delta
Article - Short

Louisiana’s coastline is disappearing, but controlled floods could save what’s left (or even bring it back).

Mud, Shuck, and Spat
Article - Short

The future of Chesapeake Bay’s oysters depends on interstate cooperation.

Southern Sugarcane Revival

Sugarcane on Sapelo Island was once tended by slaves. Now it might sustain their descendants and help keep Geechee culture alive.

Flying Dutchman 2.0
Article - Short

This robotic catamaran could bring the Internet to the depths of the ocean—and turn a tidy profit for its inventors. There’s just one problem. ...

No Wool, No Vikings

The fleece that launched 1,000 ships.

This Bridge Will Move You
Article - Short

The 123-year-old Bizkaia Bridge is part bridge, part gondola, and a little bit ferry.

Tracking Fish From Hook to Fork
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New tracing technologies will make it easier to see where fish are coming from. 

Cracking Open the Tuna Code

Ecology is only part of the equation when it comes to understanding bluefin tuna.

The Race for Arctic Oil

Oil companies have always looked north for vast oil fields, and they won’t stop any time soon.